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The Passion & Thrill of Texas Tech Alumni Ring Event

There is nothing greater for a student than having an honor of his or her alma mater. Every school or university honors their graduating students for their achievements. The students get a special status from this honor. The relationship of a student with its educational institution never ends even after graduation. The alumni associations have ever made big efforts in maintaining this relationship. The alumni association of a school or university has a great value for the student. In fact, every current or graduating student is a future alumnus. This creates a bond with alma mater and past students which is not only unforgettable but advantageous in many ways.

What’s Texas Tech alumni ring event

Texas Tech class ring

Texas Tech University is a leading university of Texas state and unique is Texas Tech alumni ring event. This event, organized jointly by the Texas Tech University and its alumni association, is a get-together of graduating students, their families and alumni members to commemorate the achievements of students, graduating students in particular. This is also referred to as the Ring Day which is held twice a year: the spring Semester ring Day and the Fall semester Ring Day. A great day celebrated at Merket Alumni Center of Texas Tech University during last week of April and last week of November for Spring and Fall Semester respectively.

Texas Tech traditions and trivia

Texas Tech traditions and trivia are important attractions of Texas Tech ring event. Arbor Day, Blarney Stone, Texas Tech Victory Bells and campus sporting events mark this celebration, besides award of Texas Tech class ring to the eligible students. Everything goes like a mega event. Guns Up! This sign is used as a sign of victory and is usually seen around campus and wherever the sporting events are going on. This is a way of unofficial greeting passed on like anything. The students feel proud with their specially designed rings they wear on this occasion.

Traditions which are celebrated in SHSU

Sam Houston State University is the not only the oldest institution for education in the state of Texas, but it is also the campus which was the home of the Austin College. This university is very popular for its program of criminal justice and it holds the oldest and the largest justice program which ranks 5th.

Apart from being a reputed University, this place also encounters several traditions which are stated below:

Tree of light: Tree of life is one of the most cherished and the oldest tradition of the Sam Houston State University. The president of the university will put lights on the tree every year. On this day several canned foods are also collected for the donation purpose. The tunes of the jingle bell and the Christmas carol sync together on this day.

Class ring

As a sign of good luck, all the students will have to put some pennies near the statue of the Mr. Lawrence Sullivan Ross before the exam. It is said that Mr. Ross will help all the students with their academics and homework and in return, he will take a penny.

Ring tradition: Ring tradition is encountered during the fall semester. On this day, the students are given with the rings which they deserve. This ring is having an intricate design and a deep meaning where each element has something linked to the university and its custom. The first ring ceremony commenced in the year 2004 and it is celebrated for acknowledging all the achievements of the students. The Class ring becomes the identity of the student and their journey throughout the graduation time and after that. 

To know about more tradition you can visit the official website of the Sam Houston State University. The ring of this university has been designed by the students, faculty members and the alumni.

Multi-product Online Product Information Websites for Online Shoppers

Shopping is an interesting way to spend idle time for many people, but some dislike to shop on stores.Life in big cities is very busy and people have no time to shop on stores. Even in other cities, some people don’t like to go out for shopping. Grocery is an essential need for which shopping can’t be avoided, but for fashion and luxury, spending many hours on stores is not a necessity.

Multi-product Online Product Information sources

Modern scenario of shopping has changed. The concept of e-commerce has emerged very fast. The advent of internet has given birth to online marketplaces that sell and ship everything online. There are online retails that deal in specific products, but there are many that deal in multiple product-line.

Many websites have been created as review platforms that help online shoppers to select brands of their choice for multiple products and also help them to enjoy best deals on these products. This is an open source information system that supports online shoppers for their purchases.Guatemala-times.comis one example of good online open source information system for online shoppers, but there are many more that can be accessed on internet.

The benefits these sources can offer

Online shoppers don’t have physical access to product before they buy them and products are shipped to them, but a good open source information website like Guatemala-times can offer complete opportunity to intended online buyers to know product details before buying. This creates an ease of selection, picking right brand and saving lot of money on big deals. This is apparently a wonderful way to shop online and get right knowledge about multiple products.


The above discussion concludes that online shopping is a convenient way to shop and it can be a great experience with prior knowledge about products. The open-source multiple products information websites are best platform to help online shoppers.

You Can Shop Without Deals in Fliers

Business scenario has become more complex in modern time but it has become simpler for interaction between business enterprises and their customers. There was time when offline markets were the only places where vendors and buyers could meet and transact, but this is becoming uncommon in present time as e-commerce continues to replace offline markets.

Offline vs online shopping deals

Offline markets are our tradition and they can’t be eliminated permanently but a time will come when offline markets will not be able to compete with emerging online marketplaces. This is a truth because online marketplaces are rapidly grabbing the market share for almost every product. The buyers also enjoy the advantages online shopping. Today, buyers don’t need to wait for fliers to see upcoming deals for various products in the market because deals are made available online.

Guatemala Times

There are platforms like Guatemala Times that bring multiple deals for enthusiastic prospective shoppers. It is quite easy for shoppers to select their products through these easy deals. If you are a frequent shopper, you will always find this method more convenient compared to fliers. This way of deals presentation is much convenient and searching for deals in also very easy because keywords search and mouse clicking can do the most task.

Getting online shopping deals

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The Sam Houston State University Class Ring Is Everything That the Esteemed Stood For Over the Years

When it comes to naming some of the premium education destination across the United States the Sam Houston State University from the State of Texas will surely make it in everyone’s list. The SHSU is a premium education centre across the globe as well and deemed as the third oldest university in the State of Texas.

The college campus previously housed Austin College which Sam Houston attended but later the school came to prominence as Sam Houston State University to honor their ex-student Sam Houston. Sam Houston was a decorated American soldier and politician who played a leading role in the Texas Revolution.

Though the college dates back to 1879; in 2003 the university decided to start a new ceremony of giving their students the beloved sam houston state university class ring. The design of the ring represented everything the college stood for over the years. The ring was designed and unveiled by SHSU Alumni, Teachers and Students body. The vision of the group was the design of the sam houston state university class ring should portray the pride and tradition of SHSU.

Design of the sam houston state university class ring:

On one side of the sam houston state university class ring, the graduation year of the student is engraved. The other hand displays the Austin Hall which is one of the oldest buildings in the campus. The centre of the ring showcases a star and SH which is a symbolization of the pride of State of Texas. The word ‘Honor’ etched on the inner side of the ring which is a replica of a similar ring given to Sam Houston by his mother when he joined the army.

The tradition of wearing the ring:

There is a tradition of wearing the ring as well. When a person is still a student, he wears the ring with college ring facing him, and when he graduates, he can wear the ring another way. It symbolizes that the person is ready to take on the world.

Most Noticeable Cannabis

You may use cannabis regularly all of your life without a matter, but you may not be that lucky. Green roads cbd oil to cannabis is for recreational use will stay illegal. Cannabis Coach uses a couple of diverse methods to help you stop smoking marijuana easily and effectively. What many don’t understand is that cannabis for a medication has been in existence for aeons.

Cannabis is a distinctive plant that has various active compounds. Remember if you would like to cannabis free, then you can use affirmations! Cannabis isn’t just a recreational drug anymore. Cancer treatment Cannabis may be used to address a few of the problems that come up as a consequence of chemotherapy.

Remarkably, in 2018, the notion of medical cannabis is now normal and mainstream. The notion of mixing marijuana and beer isn’t new. Staying away from marijuana doesn’t just indicate that you’re not likely to go right ahead and get it. Since there’s very little doubt that the use of cannabis can be bad for mental wellbeing and can result in a wide array of issues.

As time passes, the marijuana use gets a lot more than only a habit and it becomes a full-blown addiction. Cannabis usage is also a single factor in suicides in young folks. Chronic weed use has been connected with many documented and undocumented consequences on the body.

The Unexposed Secret of Cannabis

The majority of the cannabis seeds do not include plenty of cannabinoids, therefore you can readily add them to your everyday diet. When it has to do with collecting, among the very exciting things you’re able to opt to get are cannabis seeds. As weed seeds are rather tasty and fulfilling, you can just maintain your weight by eating less the full moment.

The Start of Cannabis

You don’t wish to be around marijuana. Smoking marijuana can impact your brain. In truth, it is projected that one in ten people that try marijuana will get addicted. Many people who are hooked on marijuana also are at an elevated risk for addiction to other drugs. If you’re serious about quitting marijuana or maybe to prevent smoking herbs, you must get rid of all of the equipment which you use to smoke marijuana including pipe, bongs, paper wrapped joints and etc.. If you truly want good, high-grade marijuana you might have to put a small work into it, whichever method you use.

The New Angle On Cannabis Just Released

In contrast to popular opinion, cannabis can help asthmatics in a lot of ways. Despite evidence that it has medical benefits, you should always discuss your options for medical treatment with your doctor and use medical cannabis under their supervision. If you research Cannabis on the net the absolute most likely information you will discover is the exact withered research achieved by the exact same people without a relativeness to our species.

The very first step to quitting smoking marijuana is to ascertain the main cause. Because of its medical applications, several have tried to find marijuana taken out of the schedule IV classification or from the schedules altogether. Medical marijuana has been the topic of several scientific and health care studies along with being the middle of several heated arguments.

Marijuana won’t tolerate repression. Some individuals smoke marijuana since they are stressful. There are several different strategies to grow medical marijuana.

Advantages of Health Saving Accounts for employers

A Health Saving Account is a healthcare saving account which also provides a tax advantage to its owner. HSAs are considered as one of the best solutions for employers who have an employee strength of upto3500. These accounts help the employees in managing their health care funds. Many employers get confused whether to open HSAs for their employees or not.

HSAs  have various benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Tax-advantaged accounts
  • Interest on the funds
  • Management of funds related to healthcare.
  • Many more

Health Saving Accounts are highly beneficial for employers. Offering HSA plans to employees helps the employees to plan their medical expenses post-retirement. These accounts play a very important role in improving the financial healthcare status of the employees. Hence it is very important to open these accounts with a trustworthy and experienced firm.


Benefits of HSA’s for Employers:

Cost Benefit: having a Health deductible health plan is a mandatory requirement for HAS’s. HDHP’s are comparatively cheaper than other health plans. As a result, an employer can save money on the purchase of the health plans. In addition to this, an employer can also transfer the difference to the HSA’s of the employees which will further increase the healthcare status of the employees.

Healthcare fund management: With HAS’s employees learn to manage their own health care funds. They take utmost care towards purchasing health insurance, renewals, and other medical related expenses.

Funds are free from payroll taxes: HAS’s contributions are pre-taxed. As a result, employers as well as employees, need not worry about any tax- related issue. This further enables the employer to save administration cost which is otherwise needed to manage other healthcare benefits. is one such site which understands the importance of HSA’s for the employers.  A team of dedicated executives is always ready to solve all kinds of queries and issues related to the Health Saving Accounts. At lively me employers can open HSAs without any kind of hassle. The process is totally digitalized and does not involve any kind of paperwork.

The ring ceremony at the Texas Tech!

Every year Texas Tech celebrates the learning and academic excellence it has been able to create. As the undergraduates and graduates pass a year of their learning with the centers – it becomes a reason for the university to celebrate their learning and achievement. With the students passing out of the university to conquer the world to the new students coming in and becoming a part of the university – there is indeed a ceremony held for the students each year!

texas tech ring

Ring ceremony to celebrate learning

The TTU class ring is an exceptional ring which connects the alumni of Texas Tech with their pas years of learning. As a symbol of academic excellence each passing student is entitled to get their rings personalized and get one for them. Made of white and yellow gold and a design that represents the life of Texas Tech – it is indeed an honor for the student to own one ring for themselves. When the students get the ring on passing out the same if given to them at the ring ceremony held each year.

The honor of receiving the rings!

The texas tech ring are custom made in 12, 14 or 18 carat gold. They can be chosen to be made in white gold, yellow gold, signet white gold or signet yellow gold too. With a special touch of your name inscribed on the ring with the ‘pride of honor’ the ring truly becomes a special add on to one’s personality. Receiving it from an honorary dignitary of the University is a pride in itself for students. While the Texas tech alumni ring stays with the students for lifetime as an achievement symbol of belonging to the institution it is also perceived to be a symbol of academic excellence that attributes their appeal everywhere they go! The ring marks a signature of university with the students forever!

Going To Australia without Any Hassles

A person wanting to go to Australia but has some issues applying for a visa for his travel can apply for an Australia ETA. This is an official authorization document for him to travel there. However, he should have a valid passport for his travel. However, not all nationals are eligible for Australia ETA. The following applicants are eligible to apply for this document:

  • Passport holder of countries such as Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Korea and the United States of America.
  • Persons travelling to Australia for the purpose of tourism, visiting family, business events and conferences.

Applying for Electronic travel authority

An electronic travel authority is an official document issued by the Australian government for nationals of certain countries. This is a short term document permitting the traveller to stay there for a period of three months. However, in order to be eligible for this Australia visa, one has to fulfill the following conditions:

  • A person applying for the electronic travel authority should know the purpose of his visit to Australia.
  • This official document is valid only for a period of three months and hence one cannot stay there for more than that.
  • This is not a work visa and hence the person is not allowed to work with this document

Hence, in order to be eligible for this Australia ETA, the person must be able to fulfill the above terms and conditions. With this document, he can travel there to Australia even if he does not have a valid visa.

How to obtain Austral visa document?

In order to apply for electronic travel document to Australia, the person must be from outside Australia. He should have the following while applying Australia ETA online:

  • A valid passport
  • A credit card
  • An email address

While filling up his application form, the traveller must fill in the exact details as in his passport. The application fees is payable with a credit card. After this he will receive his Australia ETA through his email.

Sports Picks – How do they work

Is Sport Betting hard? Is Sport Betting easy? Although sports betting is just a mere prediction of wins, yet it is not easy as you think. It requires enough logic, patience and realistic expectations to make predictions. This cannot be achieved by everyone instantly without sufficient practice. However, amateurs deprived of these factors, lose money significantly. Statistics study reveals that, considerable percentage of newbies lose bets over the long run.

Free Sports Picks

However there are handicapper services in the world like Wunderdog who has professional quick hitting predicting sports handicapperoffering best bets of the day. Their tips would certainly be useful in many situations for the amateurs. When you don’t want to go for pick services, you can even consider going for touts and tipsters.

Unlike, the pick services, where you need to hire the handicappers for a monthly fee, touts and tipsters are individual services who offers sports picks for payment. Some tipsters’ offers free tips for the first and second service to attract new clients. However, you cannot expect top class services unlike pick service.

You can expect guaranteed results when you go with the pick services, although their charges are quite higher. When the handicapper is in the community and is regarded as a pro, then their picks can cost even thousands of dollars.

Apparently, there are smart ways to get free sports picks without paying either to the tipsters or pick services. Top handicapping services offer free sports picks on daily basis to attract new customers. Although they are not premium bets but still they win daily. Newbies who doesn’t want to risk their money in investing either with pick services or touts can go with this option.

Closing Thoughts

People who are making occasional bets can go with the free sports picks to avoid risk and win some real money.



Yourswimlog – Your Lifelong Partner in Your Swimming Journey

Swimming is the best exercise for the body and mind, as well. It tones the body and the exercise is suitable for all those who have joint problems. Unlike, working out on hard base, the water tends to lessen the effect of stress. It sorts of cushions the body from soreness.

The log is the ultimate guide for swimmers. It is for them, who want to improve their swimming skills and also targeted towards all those swimmers who want to increase their pace. Your mentor behind this wonderful weblog is Olivier Poirier-Leroy. He has aggregated the top swimmers and coaches to help you become the master of the waters.

Yourswimlog is the best in its genre

There are over 700 articles written by seasoned swimmers on this blog. And it is still counting. Olivier himself has over 25 years of experience in competitive swimming. His articles have been read by more than 4 million swimmers.

You can also find more about him on yourswimbook. He was enrolled for swimming lessons at around 5 years of age. It was mainly because of the fear, that he might drown while playing in and around water. He made it big, very quickly and took to competitive swimming from his pre-teens. Olivier has travelled around the globe, mainly New Jersey, Princeton, Manitoba and many more.

He has also been a part of Pacific Dolphins. He has made a mark in freestyle relay. He finished eighth in the 200 meters Canadian Nationals. He has also lead McMaster University to glorified victory in OUA Championship.  He has spent his entire life swimming and writing about the art of swimming. He stresses on physical and mental well-being.

He has written books for novices as well as seasoned swimmers and got applauded for that as well.  Many teams refer to his books today and refer the same to students as well.

Enjoy The World Of Virtual Casino

Most of the people remain occupied in their busy schedule and ignore, their own habits and happiness. That makes them feel frustrated and stressed, most of the time. Domino QQ terpercaya is one of the leading and popular option, through which you can get rid of your boring life; whenever you can spare some leisure time for yourself. It makes you feel happy and energetic, while you are making the best use of your precious time.

Since it not only provides you with the platform to keep playing, as per your liking and desires. However, also offers you a lot of money which can be earned very easily ; without any kind of interruptions or burden over you. poker online terpercaya works dedicatedly, to provide you with amazing opportunities of gaming like never before. So that you can enhance your gaming experience, in the most amazing manner. That would help you to create Milestones, in the industry of gambling.

Also making sure, that your security is taken care by the professionals of the website. In terms of your personal information, account details and money matters ; which are very vital for you to remain associated with the trusted website of gaming. That helps you to initiate a never ending journey of earning, while playing your favourite games. Since security is not the matter to be compromised, by anyone.

The reliability of the most secure virtual place, also provides you with lot of entertainment and a chance to learn; most innovative techniques available in the industry of gambling. You can enter into the chat room and chat with other players, like you. That makes you feel more comfortable and satisfied, while sharing your experience with others. Also getting benefitted by learning from other people, simultaneously.