The Passion & Thrill of Texas Tech Alumni Ring Event

There is nothing greater for a student than having an honor of his or her alma mater. Every school or university honors their graduating students for their achievements. The students get a special status from this honor. The relationship of a student with its educational institution never ends even after graduation. The alumni associations have ever made big efforts in maintaining this relationship. The alumni association of a school or university has a great value for the student. In fact, every current or graduating student is a future alumnus. This creates a bond with alma mater and past students which is not only unforgettable but advantageous in many ways.

What’s Texas Tech alumni ring event

Texas Tech class ring

Texas Tech University is a leading university of Texas state and unique is Texas Tech alumni ring event. This event, organized jointly by the Texas Tech University and its alumni association, is a get-together of graduating students, their families and alumni members to commemorate the achievements of students, graduating students in particular. This is also referred to as the Ring Day which is held twice a year: the spring Semester ring Day and the Fall semester Ring Day. A great day celebrated at Merket Alumni Center of Texas Tech University during last week of April and last week of November for Spring and Fall Semester respectively.

Texas Tech traditions and trivia

Texas Tech traditions and trivia are important attractions of Texas Tech ring event. Arbor Day, Blarney Stone, Texas Tech Victory Bells and campus sporting events mark this celebration, besides award of Texas Tech class ring to the eligible students. Everything goes like a mega event. Guns Up! This sign is used as a sign of victory and is usually seen around campus and wherever the sporting events are going on. This is a way of unofficial greeting passed on like anything. The students feel proud with their specially designed rings they wear on this occasion.

Traditions which are celebrated in SHSU

Sam Houston State University is the not only the oldest institution for education in the state of Texas, but it is also the campus which was the home of the Austin College. This university is very popular for its program of criminal justice and it holds the oldest and the largest justice program which ranks 5th.

Apart from being a reputed University, this place also encounters several traditions which are stated below:

Tree of light: Tree of life is one of the most cherished and the oldest tradition of the Sam Houston State University. The president of the university will put lights on the tree every year. On this day several canned foods are also collected for the donation purpose. The tunes of the jingle bell and the Christmas carol sync together on this day.

Class ring

As a sign of good luck, all the students will have to put some pennies near the statue of the Mr. Lawrence Sullivan Ross before the exam. It is said that Mr. Ross will help all the students with their academics and homework and in return, he will take a penny.

Ring tradition: Ring tradition is encountered during the fall semester. On this day, the students are given with the rings which they deserve. This ring is having an intricate design and a deep meaning where each element has something linked to the university and its custom. The first ring ceremony commenced in the year 2004 and it is celebrated for acknowledging all the achievements of the students. The Class ring becomes the identity of the student and their journey throughout the graduation time and after that. 

To know about more tradition you can visit the official website of the Sam Houston State University. The ring of this university has been designed by the students, faculty members and the alumni.

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