Going To Australia without Any Hassles

A person wanting to go to Australia but has some issues applying for a visa for his travel can apply for an Australia ETA. This is an official authorization document for him to travel there. However, he should have a valid passport for his travel. However, not all nationals are eligible for Australia ETA. The following applicants are eligible to apply for this document:

  • Passport holder of countries such as Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Korea and the United States of America.
  • Persons travelling to Australia for the purpose of tourism, visiting family, business events and conferences.

Applying for Electronic travel authority

An electronic travel authority is an official document issued by the Australian government for nationals of certain countries. This is a short term document permitting the traveller to stay there for a period of three months. However, in order to be eligible for this Australia visa, one has to fulfill the following conditions:

  • A person applying for the electronic travel authority should know the purpose of his visit to Australia.
  • This official document is valid only for a period of three months and hence one cannot stay there for more than that.
  • This is not a work visa and hence the person is not allowed to work with this document

Hence, in order to be eligible for this Australia ETA, the person must be able to fulfill the above terms and conditions. With this document, he can travel there to Australia even if he does not have a valid visa.

How to obtain Austral visa document?

In order to apply for electronic travel document to Australia, the person must be from outside Australia. He should have the following while applying Australia ETA online:

  • A valid passport
  • A credit card
  • An email address

While filling up his application form, the traveller must fill in the exact details as in his passport. The application fees is payable with a credit card. After this he will receive his Australia ETA through his email.