New Trends in Traditional Outfits Can Thwart Muslim Feminists’ Resentment

Everyone in this modern world has freedom to live in his or her own way. No one has a right to interfere in this freedom. Modern generation has different perspective on masculinity and feminism. The human female has continued to be considered as a weak component of society needing all-time protection from males who dominated over females on this pretext. The time has changed and contemporary generation believes in unbiased gender equality. This issue is not limited to a specific culture or religion but human population as a whole across the globe.

Causes of Resentment among Muslim women

The partial attitude of Islam against their womenfolk is still one of the major causes of resentment among Muslim feminists. The “triple talaq” empowering men in Islam to divorce a wife in an easy way and marrying another woman is something Muslim women have ever resented but they’re helpless in the hands of Islamic lawmakers. Wearing of full-bodied cloak, a hijab outfit known by different names and worn in different styles in Islamic nations, is another matter of resentment among Muslim feminists. The recent protest of “inside-out abaya” by Muslim women in Saudi Arabia is an example of this resentment.

New trends can avert resentment

How long feminist in Islam can keep mum and continue to tolerate men’s dominance in some or the other form? The modern generation is not going to tolerate it for too long. There was a protest against abaya dress, but there will be further protests against more issues. The pressure results in volcanic eruptions and this is scientifically true. This calls for debate on this issue now before it is too late. In some parts of the globe, like in UK, Muslim women have changed a style of abayas. Abaya UK are selling in new designs and colors. The open abayas have thronged fashion markets and more trends will be seen in future to entice Muslim feminists.