The ring ceremony at the Texas Tech!

Every year Texas Tech celebrates the learning and academic excellence it has been able to create. As the undergraduates and graduates pass a year of their learning with the centers – it becomes a reason for the university to celebrate their learning and achievement. With the students passing out of the university to conquer the world to the new students coming in and becoming a part of the university – there is indeed a ceremony held for the students each year!

texas tech ring

Ring ceremony to celebrate learning

The TTU class ring is an exceptional ring which connects the alumni of Texas Tech with their pas years of learning. As a symbol of academic excellence each passing student is entitled to get their rings personalized and get one for them. Made of white and yellow gold and a design that represents the life of Texas Tech – it is indeed an honor for the student to own one ring for themselves. When the students get the ring on passing out the same if given to them at the ring ceremony held each year.

The honor of receiving the rings!

The texas tech ring are custom made in 12, 14 or 18 carat gold. They can be chosen to be made in white gold, yellow gold, signet white gold or signet yellow gold too. With a special touch of your name inscribed on the ring with the ‘pride of honor’ the ring truly becomes a special add on to one’s personality. Receiving it from an honorary dignitary of the University is a pride in itself for students. While the Texas tech alumni ring stays with the students for lifetime as an achievement symbol of belonging to the institution it is also perceived to be a symbol of academic excellence that attributes their appeal everywhere they go! The ring marks a signature of university with the students forever!