Yourswimlog – Your Lifelong Partner in Your Swimming Journey

Swimming is the best exercise for the body and mind, as well. It tones the body and the exercise is suitable for all those who have joint problems. Unlike, working out on hard base, the water tends to lessen the effect of stress. It sorts of cushions the body from soreness.

The log is the ultimate guide for swimmers. It is for them, who want to improve their swimming skills and also targeted towards all those swimmers who want to increase their pace. Your mentor behind this wonderful weblog is Olivier Poirier-Leroy. He has aggregated the top swimmers and coaches to help you become the master of the waters.

Yourswimlog is the best in its genre

There are over 700 articles written by seasoned swimmers on this blog. And it is still counting. Olivier himself has over 25 years of experience in competitive swimming. His articles have been read by more than 4 million swimmers.

You can also find more about him on yourswimbook. He was enrolled for swimming lessons at around 5 years of age. It was mainly because of the fear, that he might drown while playing in and around water. He made it big, very quickly and took to competitive swimming from his pre-teens. Olivier has travelled around the globe, mainly New Jersey, Princeton, Manitoba and many more.

He has also been a part of Pacific Dolphins. He has made a mark in freestyle relay. He finished eighth in the 200 meters Canadian Nationals. He has also lead McMaster University to glorified victory in OUA Championship.  He has spent his entire life swimming and writing about the art of swimming. He stresses on physical and mental well-being.

He has written books for novices as well as seasoned swimmers and got applauded for that as well.  Many teams refer to his books today and refer the same to students as well.